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The hype in the fintech space has centered on blockchain technology for the past decade, and while it remains a hot topic, it has spawned secondary discussions about other integral applications, one of which is cross-chain solutions.

To understand how cross-chain solutions operate, you…


Updates are the right of a community in any project and thus there is a long running need to keep you, our community in the loop. We have been behind the scenes working towards the positioning of the supersonic project to become…

Supersonic Finance Will Integrate Chainlink VRF to Secure and Ensure the integrity of randomness on it’s IDO Platform

We’re excited to announce that Supersonic Finance — cross chain self-sustainable Ecosystem of blockchain solutions —will integrate Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. By integrating Chainlink’s…

Thanks to everyone, who participated in our 4-minute-filled token sale. Honestly, we didn’t anticipate such a huge success within the short period of time. Without your support, we, surely, couldn’t have done it.

The token sale is over, and there are lots of exciting stuffs to look forward to:

Coin-Metric-Site Listings


Supersonic Finance is a unique approach to the way holders hold while embracing time-critical and market-needed products. SSN, BEP20, is the native token, which powers Supersonic Finance and anyone can access our suite of products when they are deployed as they would be decentralized.

Before the products are deployed and…

Our Token Airdrop is live!

The long awaited airdrop of Supersonic is now here. You can get 0.1 SSN as soon as you complete the requirements for the airdrop.

The details of the airdrop is available on and you can directly join the airdrop from

NOTE: The conditions and steps required by the bot are mandatory to get the tokens eventually after the airdrop ends. All submissions shall be checked automatically through API of Twitter (where we could not verify your actions) and non compliance would lead to removal of your wallet address from successful participants.

As we have stated earlier, the total supply of Supersonic Token is only 10,000 and would be burnt to 5,000. Supersonic is a deflationary token that burns 7% of every transaction and utilizes it to pay stakers in the pool.

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