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The hype in the fintech space has centered on blockchain technology for the past decade, and while it remains a hot topic, it has spawned secondary discussions about other integral applications, one of which is cross-chain solutions.

To understand how cross-chain solutions operate, you must first grasp what blockchain is, how it works, and where it is applicable. If you're unfamiliar with blockchain technology, it's a decentralized, distributed ledger technology that records the provenance of a digital asset, such as cryptocurrency.

Cross-chain solution, on the other hand, is defined as the interoperability of two relatively independent blockchain networks. In other words, because blockchain entities are frequently established using the same protocol, cross-chain helps to better understand how they might interact with one another.

Fundamentally, cross-chain solutions are divided into two; isomorphic, and heterogeneous. The former adopts a consistent mode of interaction between two blockchain entities, i.e, the security mechanism, consensus algorithm, network topology, and block generation verification logic are consistent, while cross-chain interaction is very seamless.

In contrast to isomorphic interactions, heterogeneous cross-chain interactions are considerably complex. Here, the block compositions of two different blockchain entities are almost always different, making the creation of a direct cross-chain interaction mechanism extremely difficult.

Opportunity driver
Decentralized finance has risen to prominence, particularly in today's cryptocurrency environment, and developers are harnessing modern technology to create innovative solutions in greater numbers than ever before.

One of the prominent areas where developers are trooping into is in the aspect of setting up blockchain networks, launching, and listing custom tokens. However, achieving these hasn’t been the simplest of things to do as developers, especially new entrants, are constantly faced with the challenge of scalability beyond listing.

In order to overcome this big barrier, industry innovators such as Binance have introduced Launchpads, which assist new entrants in maintaining their projects even after they have been listed. Sadly, this is insufficient because the majority of launchpads do not provide new projects with an easy way to channel liquidity to a decentralized exchange. This is where Supersonic excels!

What is Supersonic Finance
Supersonic finance is an industry leader in cross-chain solutions, offering safe, secure, and easy-to-use features such as token creation, DEX listing, NFTs, and an exciting product system.

The project, which intends to address recurring issues with cross-chain interaction inside the blockchain network, makes use of its high-performance platform to offer a variety of cross-chain solutions for developers and end-users.In other words, with an advanced system built for project success, supersonic Finance serves as a connecting bridge between developers and the tools required for project completion and efficient decentralization.

Product expansion

Supersonic is designed to work with a variety of markets, including exchanges, betting sites, and other decentralized applications. Initially, Supersonic focussed on two major areas involving sales and exchange of crypto assets, and then made provision for SwapX and SaleX. However, due to significant demand in other markets, the project was expanded to accommodate other niches, resulting in the creation of four other products: Superlotto, xBET, xCHART, and NFTx.

The strategic partnerships

Supersonic has partnered with Chainlink in order to create a variety of cross-chain solutions with unique features that will benefit both developers and end-users. Aside from efficiency, the alliance between the duo would assure a flawless process, furthering global decentralization. To learn more about the cooperation, click here (insert link to whitepaper).

Community marketing

When it comes to the success of marketing initiatives, the importance of community in the crypto realm cannot be emphasized. It is one of the major growth drivers for any blockchain project, and it's still a critical component of Supersonic Finance's success even as we progress. While this post is more like a beginner guide, you can link here to read the full-fledged whitepaper.

More on Supersonic Finance:

Supersonic finance is a high performance platform engineering the development of an array of cross-chain solutions for developers and end users. The supersonic finance team bridges the gap between developers and the tools needed for completion and efficient decentralization of projects with an advanced system designed for project success.
We are committed to constructing a hub of cross chain products where developers will not have to break a sweat to obtain the best for their community. Our vision is linked to the prosperity of our community because we are interested in developing symbiotic relationships that are beneficial to the cryptocurrency world. As we seek to contribute to the advancement of decentralization, we remain committed to ensuring that we put the community first.

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