SSN Smart Contract Audit

The audit was done by Solidity Finance and the functions are verifiable, according to the report released by them.

  • The total supply of the token is set to one quadrillion.
  • No mint or burn functions are present; though the circulating supply can be reduced by sending tokens to the 0x..dead address, if desired.
  • Currently, 89% of the tokens have been sent to DxSale for a presale.
    5% of the token’s supply has been locked and will vest to the team over 4 years.
  • The team has retained 1.275% of the supply for the private sale.
  • Supersonic’s code implements and builds upon the fee-redistribution features pioneered by Reflect Finance.
  • Users who hold tokens will automatically receive a portion the fees from a transaction tax on each transfer.
  • A portion of the fee charged on transactions is stored in the contract and, once a threshold value is met, used to fund PancakeSwap liqiudity.
  • Liquidity-adds are funded by selling half of the tokens collected as fees, pairing the received ETH with the
    token, and adding it as liquidity to the BNB pair.
  • There is a transfer limit of 5 tillion tokens per transaction.
  • The owner of the contract can exclude and include users from transfer fees, update the maximum transaciton amount, update the fee percentages and update how the fees are allocated.
  • On our recommendation the team has updated the contract to limit the maximum fees and minimum max-transfer amounts to 9% in order to prevent abuse. The maximum transaction amount is also limited to a minimum of 5% of the total supply.
  • Some functions could have been declared external instead of public to save some gas, but as this is already deployed this is merely informational.
  • The contract utilizes SafeMath libraries to prevent overflows along with following the BEP20 standard.
  • No security issues were identified in our analysis.
  • As with any presale, ensure trust in the team prior to giving them funds.
  • Further, ensure trust in the team as they have some control in the ecosystem.
  • KYC: Yes, by our firm. KYC information is available upon a request from law enforcement, subpoena, or a similarly valid legal process.
  • Date: April 11th, 2021
  • Update Date: April 12th, 2021 - Inclusion of limits of owner’s ability to set platform fees.
  • Update Date: April 12th, 2021 — Updated token allocations.




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