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2 min readApr 17, 2021


Thanks to everyone, who participated in our 4-minute-filled token sale. Honestly, we didn’t anticipate such a huge success within the short period of time. Without your support, we, surely, couldn’t have done it.

The token sale is over, and there are lots of exciting stuffs to look forward to:

Coin-Metric-Site Listings

We have sent out applications to CoinGecko, CoinCodex and LiveCoinWatch for a listing request. We hope to hear from them soon and will announce once that is done.

Whitepaper 3.0

Another version of the whitepaper will be released and it will have the product details. Supersonic Finance is not a meme coin, driven by just an on-chain transfer tax.


The product is a multi-blockchain decentralized exchange and a self-service launchpad, which is linked to to the decentralized exchange.

Developers can use the launchpad to raise funds, and this creates an adoption channel for the DEX as liquidity is being added and tokens open for trading activities, upon each successful fundraising event.

The DEX will be feature-rich, and we are excited to unveil the details as they unfold.

About Supersonic Finance

Supersonic Finance aims to build a multi-blockchain DEX and a self-service launchpad, which is linked to the exchange.

The launchpad can be used by developers to raise funds and this creates a liquidity channel for the DEX upon each successful fundraising event.



Supersonic Finance

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