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Yes, we understand that there has been some concern in our community recently. We recognize that the community is curious about where we are in our development process. While our roadmap is available on the website, you can expect a timely update on our activities. As a result, we are preparing a comprehensive update as well as a breakdown for simplification purposes. The document will guide us both through the process of building this project. Meanwhile, we see a need to enlighten you because this project is centered on the community. It is, in fact, a project for the community by a team that is deeply invested in the community.


Why are we constructing? The motivation for the creation of this project is to create a Launchpad for projects across multiple networks, primarily for the protection of a new community. In other words, we, as a community, transform into Sonic — this time as a superhero Sonic. The exposure of baby communities or young communities to rug pulls, scams, and project collapse is a fragment of why we exist. To offer extensive protection to both project and community, we become safeguards. Being a part of the community accords you an important function. This is the reason for the creation of a decentralized sales platform, alias Supersonic Finance.


By holding the SSN token, you become eligible to be part of the Supersonic community. The model that accords the community the status of protector of projects and their communities is called Community Governance. Through this, community members will vote on almost every activity through a guided process to ensure that the supersonic platform’s value proposition is fully achieved. Together, both communities will thus perform these functions as well as enjoying the following benefits:

- Staking the SSN token on interested projects.

- Vote on proposals by token sales team

- 4% rewards from total for every token sale

- Automatic airdrop of 1% of every token sale project

We have factored our community into every aspect of our process.


The development of a launchpad for expected projects to embark on an ICO through our platform has been the primary focus of the supersonic roadmap. The following outlines the working process of the supersonic finance launchpad:

Token Creation: Projects will be able to generate tokens using smart contracts. The launchpad will support tokens created on a variety of networks.

DeFi Launchpad: DeFi projects will be able to use the Supersonic Finance launchpad to offer IDOs for their projects. The team and community will be able to vote for or against projects to be launched using the platform.

Staking and Airdrop: The community will be able to stake their tokens to reap rewards of projects to be launched through the launchpad.

Token Lock: Projects set for launch will be required to lock 4% of total token for airdrop and staking purposes. The token left will be also locked and utility decided by the community through governance.

Advantages over Existing Solutions

In order to explore, to the benefit of our community, the full potentials of what we have created, we have added new features over existing industry solutions, making the Supersonic launchpad as unique as possible.

Here are a couple stuffs we added:

Fully Decentralized Launch: The Launchpad will operate a fully decentralized process, with the community acting as prompt in taking the necessary decisions for projects to be fully launched.

Option to Cancel: The presale investors retain the prerogative to cancel any project presale previously voted for by voting against.

SSN Token Burn: Staked tokens on projects on launchpad will be burnt. This will decrease the supply of SSN tokens and strategically increase the value and importance of token holders. Tokens recovered from services to projects through our launchpad will also be burned.

Raffle Draw Process: Yes! We love a bit of excitement on Supersonic. We will embark on a raffle draw process to select exclusive investors for projects voted for launch.


. Reduced fees for project owners

. Smooth and easy to use UI

. Product management office to be arranged, enabling easy access.

. Investors can cancel presale.

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About Supersonic Finance

Supersonic Finance aims to build a multi-blockchain DEX and a self-service launchpad, which is linked to the exchange.

The launchpad can be used by developers to raise funds and this creates a liquidity channel for the DEX upon each successful fundraising event.



Supersonic Finance

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