Updates are the right of a community in any project and thus there is a long running need to keep you, our community in the loop. We have been behind the scenes working towards the positioning of the supersonic project to become a stellar project in the crypto space. 
Since the last time you heard from us through a blog post, a lot has happened both to the project and in the crypto space.

Without wasting time, the paragraphs below intend to keep you abreast with our plans, achievements, development, partnerships and collaborations, and what we have for the future.

Let’s dive in!

The month of June produced a mixture of emotions with the markets exhibiting it’s natural volatility which saw bitcoin reduce in value likewise other altcoins. However we made some progress with partnerships and will detail them in the next few paragraphs.

  • We launched SwapX: We kicked off the month of June in anticipation of SwapX; a multi-chain decentralized exchange which will serve the supersonic finance ecosystem. Apart from swapX becoming our first ecosystem product, we announced the launch of a new token called EXS.
  • Liquidity added to Pancakeswap V2: For a while, we were stuck with one option to get the SSN token as a result of liquidity being added to pancakeswap Version 2. We understand that this was hectic as most tokens had moved to the newer version of the DEX platform. In order to ease the stress related to this, we added liquidity to version 2, allowing the community to acquire more tokens through the version on the pancakeswap platform as well as first time SSN buyers.
  • Supersonic Finance on Ethereum Chain: We concluded plans to add the ethereum chain to the ecosystem thereby bringing the number of existing chains to two. In line with the whitepaper, we are building a multi-chain ecosystem which will feature Binance smart chain, ethereum, and polkadot. This in turn led to an increase in the tax and liquidity fees from 2% each to 4 and 6% respectively.
  • New Listings: Also in the month of June, we made sure to add to the existing medium of trading $SSN by listing on stellar exchange, Hotbit. This listing was done on the 18th of June with users allowed to trade the $SSN/USDT pair on the centralized exchange. We also held an insightful AMA session to address issues relating to a symbiotic relationship between supersonic and hotbit.
  • New partners: The supersonic finance team have brokered and entered into a partnership with Chainlink. We will integrate Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we can obtain access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to ensure openness and integrity of our IDO (SaleX) whitelist tickets.
  • New Website: In an announcement made to the community on the Supersonic telegram group, the CEO, Jin, notified the community of exciting changes to be made to the ecosystem in coming weeks. Amongst the exciting news is the creation of a new website which will serve as an official launch for the new direction of the project.

About Supersonic Finance:

Supersonic finance is a high performance platform engineering the development of an array of cross-chain solutions for developers and end users. The supersonic finance team bridges the gap between developers and the tools needed for completion and efficient decentralization of projects with an advanced system designed for project success.
We are committed to constructing a hub of cross chain products where developers will not have to break a sweat to obtain the best for their community. Our vision is linked to the prosperity of our community because we are interested in developing symbiotic relationships that are beneficial to the cryptocurrency world. As we seek to contribute to the advancement of decentralization, we remain committed to ensuring that we put the community first.


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Official Medium Account of Supersonic Finance. The Protocol for Exponential Returns.

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Supersonic Finance

Official Medium Account of Supersonic Finance. The Protocol for Exponential Returns.