SUPERSONIC: The Protocol of Exponential Returns on Binance Smart Chain

The supersonic project is designed for exponential returns relying on the different mechanisms that can maintain balance in token value while ensuring incessant token price surge.

Supersonic is a token well designed mainly for exponential growth and value. The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain due to a lot of observations, calculations and projections coupled with the advantages of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem over other blockchain platforms. We are exploiting some of its advantages for exponential growth as projected.

Supersonic is designed to have a total token supply of 10,000. The token employs my SPS-01 to achieve our goals. The details of the SPS-01 are as follows:

1. Every transaction is efficient, non-repudiateable and open as provided by the Binance Smart Chain.

2. Every transaction is considerably cheap as provided by the Binance Smart Chain.

3. Every transaction is secure and confidential as provided by the Binance Smart Chain.

4. For every transaction of x SUPERSONIC, 7 percentage of x is destroyed from the total supply of SUPERSONIC.

5. From the 7 % burned, 5% is sent to the staking pool liquidity and 2% is dismissed from the supply.

6. There is a 5% fee for unstakers, the 2% is burned from it and 3 % is shared among the stakers.

7. The token stops burning at a total of 5000 SSN in total supply.

For every transaction of x SUPERSONIC, 7 percentage of x is destroyed from the total supply of SUPERSONIC. This simply is a method to help realize the exponential value projections.

The main takeaway in this staking model is that it helps to keep the currency much more limited; this would easily imply a higher value and scarcity for SUPERSONIC without even considering the progressive impact from the token burn feature.

The Token Economics

Only 10,000 SUPERSONIC shall be minted — the total and final supply; the plan is to exchange 3000 SSN (30%) for BNB during presale. 75% of the proceeds shall be used to provide liquidity on the decentralized exchanges for SSN/BNB pair; 25% goes to the team while 500 SSN (5%) is dedicated to bonuses and airdrop.

The breakdown is as follows:

o Presales 3000 SSN 30%

o Public sale 2000 SSN 20%

o Staking pool 1500 SSN 15%

o Marketing and partnership 1000 SSN 10%

o Exchange Liquidity 1000 SSN 10%

o Team 1000 SSN 10%

o Airdrops and Bonuses 500 SSN 5%

Total supply 10,000 SSN.


Q4 2020 —

Team formation

Research around Market Opportunities

Project development begins

Q1 2021

Product analysis

Project deployment


Public sales

Q1 2021 —

Exchange listings

Marketing and promotion

Q2 2021 —

Airdrop distribution

Use case update

Partnership announcements

More information on the token can be found in the whitepaper .

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