Let’s break it down for you. You’ve been with those SSN tokens, faithful to the community, contributing as you can and wishing for the best. The big question in your mind is, “with the launch of SwapX , would I become a millionaire? You choose to remain optimistic, despite the toughness of the previous months, which saw most cryptocurrency enthusiasts question their love for the industry.

First of all, thank you. Secondly, the following simple reasons should convince you why we are not just any meme token, why what you are holding is one of the best tokens in the crypto ecosystem, and why your million dollar dream is most likely a possibility dependent on you.

However, before we go further, kindly note that this article is not, in any form, financial advice and should not be treated as one.

Supported Chains

“Save the best for last,” they say. But first, let’s get this out of the way. We’ve said it several times, included it in our whitepaper, and sounded it in the community group like the second coming. SwapX is a decentralized multi-chain exchange that will support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot.

In time, we will integrate other chains after proper assessment. Why is this important? Cake token holders have been thanking the heavens since the inception of the Pancakeswap platform, which is a single-chain platform. The growth of the exchange and strategic partnerships can be pointed as a reason.

Due to our multi-chain feature and marketing plans, we expect a better growth for SwapX. This is almost certain. SwapX will accommodate projects built on multiple chains and this will in turn lead to a high volume of transactions done on the platform. With the auto-earn feature, holders of SSN can just hold the tokens and earn 2% of transfer tax as long as transactions are done on SwapX.

Staking and Farming

SwapX users will be able to provide liquidity on the platform and reap rewards with good APR. Also, in order to secure available blockchains on the platform, users of SwapX will be able to stake their tokens and earn.

All of these activities will further reduce the zeros of the SSN token, making it more valuable. Furthermore, we have created another token which will be earned through performing activities on the SwapX platform.

Introduction of SaleX

As you may already know, SwapX is not the only product native to Supersonic Finance. We are working on a decentralized launchpad, which will be of benefit to the Supersonic community. The introduction of both products creates a nexus between them, leading to the achievement of the main goal of Supersonic Finance.

While patience is expedient for the arrival of SaleX, the community can be rest assured that the team will ensure that necessary steps made to achieve maximum popularity for the brilliant features of SwapX will be put in place through effective marketing.

Are you ready for SwapX? Share this medium blog to all your socials after reading and let us create the buzz for this amazing product about to be launched. If you are not part of our amazing community, kindly join here. To catch up on our updates, ensure to follow our Twitter

About Supersonic Finance

Supersonic Finance aims to build a multi-blockchain DEX and a self-service launchpad, which is linked to the exchange.

The launchpad can be used by developers to raise funds and this creates a liquidity channel for the DEX upon each successful fundraising event.




Official Medium Account of Supersonic Finance. The Protocol for Exponential Returns.

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Supersonic Finance

Supersonic Finance

Official Medium Account of Supersonic Finance. The Protocol for Exponential Returns.

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