The Supersonic Token Airdrop is now Live!

Our Token Airdrop is live!

The long awaited airdrop of Supersonic is now here. You can get 0.1 SSN as soon as you complete the requirements for the airdrop.

The details of the airdrop is available on and you can directly join the airdrop from

NOTE: The conditions and steps required by the bot are mandatory to get the tokens eventually after the airdrop ends. All submissions shall be checked automatically through API of Twitter (where we could not verify your actions) and non compliance would lead to removal of your wallet address from successful participants.

As we have stated earlier, the total supply of Supersonic Token is only 10,000 and would be burnt to 5,000. Supersonic is a deflationary token that burns 7% of every transaction and utilizes it to pay stakers in the pool.

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